Wednesday, October 1, 2008

San Francisco Chronicle Coverage

The Chronicle picked up the story of Scott's arrest, and talks about the Caltrain capacity issues. Read about it by clicking here.


Marty said...

I'm disgusted by this. All they needed to do was write the guy a ticket, but instead they needlessly escalate.

I think the officers and conductor should be charged with wasting police time.

I think the officer who stood in front of the camera should be suspended for a week.

Mike Warren said...

The police should have checked out the multiple passengers story. The correct action should have been to simply advise he board the following train. The ticket agent should have re-purposed the bikes if the racks were stacked wrong ...rather than being lazy (fat arse) and penalizing passengers. Holding the train was stupid. Standing in front of the video taping was childish. Calling the passenger an idiot and throwing his bag was stupid. Putting this guy in cuffs was way over the top and the deputy is VERY lucky nobody was injured in the process. People should not be so tolerant of mishandled police actions like this. As far as Caltrain is concerned, we should be planning to get rid of their antiquated system anyway with something the rest of the bay area actually uses.

murphstahoe said...

mike - Caltrain is currently at 40,000+ boardings per day. Factor in average trip size being much longer than a system like MUNI, and the fact they attract that many patrons while having very limited parking available, Caltrain to me is a huge success.

Mike Warren said...

Thanks John, nice blogs. Caltrain is a good option for me also - I just wish it was a larger system. My apologigies as I've digressed. I think the topic at hand was folks are still frustrated during commute times because there aren't enough bike spaces. The way it works right now, getting off of the train is always much more enjoyable than getting on.

Ernie said...

So, how did this all end? Or are we in the ever slow legal system?

Cruz said...

Officers tend to do a lot of time-wasting in case you haven't noticed....or live in some remote 3rd world area. I cringe at the idea of counting how much tax revenue is wasted everytime I see 4 police cruisers with 8 policemen chit-chatting for no apparant reason after a mundane traffic stop. Then they want to guilt us into paying more taxes every election cycle claiming they need more cops to keep us safe. We need less cops who have more gusto and stop wasting time.


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